Read instructions how to take Winstrol. Winstrol Depot is an injectable drug that has the anabolic steroid stanozolol as an active substance. Doping is actively used in athletics, bodybuilding and powerlifting. Anabolic has a powerful fat-burning effect, allows you to achieve a pronounced progress in strength and endurance. Desma Spain has an impeccable reputation in the international sports pharmacology market. The brand’s drugs are characterized by athletes as affordable, high-quality and 100% “working”. A convenient dosage of 50 mg / ml makes it easy to divide the contents of the ampoule into the desired number of injections.

Post Cycle Therapy of Winstrol Depot

Progress on strength exercises; increase in endurance (due to accelerated oxygen transfer); reduction of body fat (stanozolol helps the body use lipids as the main source of energy); removal of excess fluid from the body (an invaluable quality on a course with aromatizing AS); drawing the relief of muscles, increasing their rigidity and elasticity; improved appetite (without a false sense of hunger).

Course Winstrol of Winstrol Depot

The solo course is often used in bodybuilding in the final stages of preparing for a competition. The recommended dosage is 30-50 mg/day for 4-6 weeks. Injections must be given daily due to the rather short period of steroid activity (8 hours). Stanozolol is able to reduce the concentration of sex hormone-binding globulin, which synergistically increases the effectiveness of taking other anabolic steroids. The best result can be achieved on the following programs: stan + testosterone (enanthate or cypionate), Deca, methandienone or boldenone. Result: an increase in high-quality elastic muscles; stan + methandienone. Result: accelerated set of “meat” without swelling and joint problems; mill + testosterone propionate, trenbolone, turinabol or oxandrolone. The result: “explosive” strength and record endurance, the formation of rigid bulky muscles. Injections are contraindicated for women due to the high risk of masculinization and virilization.

Course Winstrol of Winstrol Depot

Effect of Winstrol Depot

Winstrol Depot is, of course, active injections that bring a good effect on the body, but to improve the effect, you should always combine it with a protein diet and regular exercise. Experienced athletes know this for sure, but beginners still assume that if “steroid” is written on the package, then after the first application, the muscles will begin to increase in size on their own. Actually it is not. Complexity is important here, and the drug is only helping the body produce the necessary substances to build muscle mass, increase metabolism.

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The effect of the use of Winstrol Depot (Winstrol Depot) will appear after several times of use. It promotes muscle building, makes muscles embossed. The latter is manifested due to the effect of the fat burner, which is present in Wistrol. Such an effect will be possible only when taking a course of the drug, and not single options. This quality is very important for athletes during periods of drying the body before competitions, in particular bodybuilders.

Winstrol Depot can be combined with other medications to fuel its action. In addition, another positive quality of this anabolic is the effect of building strength. This is especially important, because empty muscles can only be adapted for demonstration performances, while strength qualities will help to make the body enduring and increase efficiency.

Side Effects of Winstrol Depot

Increased blood pressure; pain in ligaments and joints; high concentration of “bad” cholesterol in the blood; liver pathology; myocardial hypertrophy; baldness; acne, oily skin; virilization and masculinization (in women). To avoid undesirable consequences, follow the recommended dosage of the drug and the duration of the program. Special additives give a good effect (Omega-3 to lower cholesterol, hepatoprotectors – to “unload” the liver, antihypertensives – to normalize pressure).

Side Effects of Winstrol Depot

Post-cycle therapy

Post-cycle therapy is carried out 2-3 days after the final steroid injection. To “exit” heavy cycles, Tamoxifen is suitable, from lighter ones – Clomid. The latter drug is better tolerated by most athletes.
The optimal daily dosage of Clomid is 100 mg (1-2 days), 50 mg (3-14 days), 100 mg (15-22 days). Antiestrogen allows you to normalize the production of your own testosterone. After PCT, it is recommended to take an analysis for hormones.